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some was lingering through and 60s on your temperatures, here is sal. traffic in the east bay has been affected by a 6 car crash right on north livermore avenue and this crash is slowing traffic into the livermore valley. six other cars may have played a role we are thinking it did. tara moriarty has more on how the wet weather is affecting roads, tara? >> reporter: good morning, sal, it's not raining but the roadways are still slick from the rain so you better slow down for your morning commute. right now most of the rain seems to be concentrated in the south bay.
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walnut creek is getting the biggest dose of it and in oakland and jackson on the off ramp. rain is expected and hopefully don't break suddenly because you want to avoid an accident in these conditions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. two small children were hit while trick or treating and police are questioning the driver. claudine wong is in santa rosa with what police are saying and also what the weather was like at the time of the accident. claudine? >> reporter: well, pam let me give you a look at where this all happened, wi street four lanes of traffic and from what we understand, it is a residential area and they were
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already in the crosswalk, they saw the vehicle coming down the street they tried to hold back the children but this four-year- old and 10-year-old went passed them and that's when they were hit by the vehicle the driver did stop at the scene. police say it does not look like alcohol played a role. the children are suffering none threatening injuries but it looks like it was raining at the time. they just couldn't stop the kids from getting out on time. this investigation is continuing. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong. they are evacuating hundreds of patients from new york's bellevue hospital. the generator failed and it may
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take weeks to fix it. well now the death toll is now 74 on top of the people killed in the caribbean. it is getting weaker, the storm after dumping havoc in new jersey and west virginia. hundreds of thousands still can't visit as it spilled in the new jersey waterways. and it was shut down, reportedly been 300,000 pounds of diesel spilled. another tough side of hurricane sandy devastated new jersey and now looting of storm damaged property was a big problem. flights are slow thely start --
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slowly starting to recover and both jersey and other areas are running with limited service. they are focusing on sandy and the president has a packed campaign regimen. a man was shot and killed at a cell phone store. it happened at 7:00 p.m. last night at the metro pc store on the boulevard. the victim is his father who owns the store. police have not released information about the suspect. they say the shooting may have happened during a robbery
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attempt. [applauds] [ music ] >> pam cook could not do better, perfect way to end the night with the great tony benefit singing i left my heart in san francisco. that was a surprise appearance at the giants victory parade yesterday. it didn't take long for all of them to clear the confetti. they estimated the giants parade and the estimated hall, the giants are picking up the tab and the city is paying for the cleanup. they reworked a lot of skids to cut back on the heating attempt bart recorded its highest daily
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ridership ever. by 10:00 they carried 55 3,000 passengers and that broke the old record which was set during the 2010 giants victory parade. ridership more than doubled for them compares to a morning commute. i would think a lot of people are out and about and what about this morning, are they out and about or sleeping in this morning? >> well, i am sleeping in a bit. >> four hours is not enough. >> you know, this morning we do have a pretty good commute despite the conditions but there is one big problem and there would be a 6 car crash at north livermore avenue and the rain is going to make it just a
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little bit tough and right now the roads are in the bay area and traffic looks good here so far. moving to san jose that traffic looks good getting to highway 17, it is light there are not many problems but there are a few as you just saw and it is a light commute getting into the city. let's go to steve. >> the rain seeps to be falling apart here and north of that. this morning's rain was done with this. rainfall totals for some and they had 1.50. there is not enough of a breeze to wipe this out. there is a little wave with a bend in the clouds as it comes
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in. it slows down and it keeps cloud cover coming in even though it is moving away from its parent source. it shows not a lot of rain in there but a lot of fog. we will be dealing with some of that thick fog and the nights are getting much longer and after that the weekend looks short. we will have a slow process he have clearing out and radar is still picking up some light rain very mild temperatures on the afternoon highs and we have a sunny break upper 60s to near 78 degrees. fog will be back nice and dreary and don't forget to set
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your clocks become a. why that may throw a wrench in the election reports. some have reports of a sex fantasy league which may have been exaggerated. it is a little bit wet out there, we will tell you what is happening with the morning commute.
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. time now just about 5:12, new claims of a sexual competition, new reports of a sex fantasy league where they earn points for activity of, may have been exaggerated. some alleged incidents involved making out but not sexual activity. they say some are expected to cast their ballots by male in the next election. requests have exceeded those in 2008 when 40% cast their ballots by male. many are not decided until days after the election.
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mail in ballots take longer to count because the signature on the envelope have to be compared with those on the voter registration card. president barack obama gets back to the campaign trail after focusing his response to hurricane sandy. the president is getting a boost in the final days of his campaign, allison? >> reporter: it is still an extremely tight race, pam but president barack obama is getting resounding praise for his response to the hurricane crisis and showed a more compassionate side while touring storm damage while touring yesterday. even mitt romney's big booster is applauding the president's handling of the crisis and now he gets back to colorado, wisconsin and nevada.
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mitt romney avoided mentioning the president by name or launching direct attempts at the president but he did have a closing argument. >> i have a plan to execute change and to make it happen. >> and the brouhaha over the next auto bailout... >> allison burns, president barack obama wants new opposition leaders in syria. the change in policy comes after the syrian kraus fails. it crash council fails. -- hillary rodham clinton said we have to protect the country from oppositionests. >> we will be strongly dealing
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with the syrian resolution. and they met with china's foreign minister to stop it and they are willing to work with the international community but there is more being determined by the syrian people. they are looking to help victims of dan sandy. now if you want to give, give money, not food or clothing. check the name again. scam artists sound similar to legitimate groups and be careful of e-mails. amphibian is set to be closed in an east bay park. now it begins november of every
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year and that's because california news have to cross safely. they are headed for the pond to mate with other news. knew the crossing. what else are we watching out for this morning? >> we are watching out for the wet roads and traffic will be busy in many areas because of the rain and steve said that is falling apart and this is a look at fremont. we had an earlier crash on the shoulder and that's out of the lanes and moving along. that traffic is moving a long niecely heading out to the
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union city and let's go tack to steve 5:16. >> that was the one character's name, her name was nute, she was the only one who survived. clearing late put the park it is a little on the wave side of this and the rain shield is decreasing rapidly, you can see on storm tracker two, even what is here is in the main green. we did keep that and if the fog will be back, maybe getting
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into a warmup as we go into november. 50s to near 60s degrees that is pretty smile and the system is moving slowly b 8:00 eat, with mild team to your and that's for sure. temperatures today are in the upper 50s and there end up in the upper 60s. as we go it will get shorter on monday and tuesday we are up and early. overnight asian markets were mixed at the end of the closing day and china had indications that factory production is up. checking in on our numbers this
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morning, futures indicate a little bit of a mixed only. no big moves actually quiet yesterday, end of the fiscal year, dow jones industrial average starts 296. markets reeached and many investors feel they will benefit after people are picking it up their homes. home depot gained 3.4 percent. do you have a lot of halloween candy left at your house? >> yes, i had a little smoke. what called a basketball game to be delayed. don't forget you can wake up every morning with ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. have it sent trail to your cell phone every morning pie texting the word wake up to 70123.
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. nobody was hurt by the way, they had a brief delay and by the way, jeremy lynn scored 8 points and the rockets did win the game. and a san jose shark is selling his ranch, at the benefit of san jose sharks. they will be added to the joseph count tip park and he his ranch and he said he used to hunt and just relax on that land but never built a home there. he sold a prop tip for 2.6 million dollars. they are getting a -- a call on shots fired calls and they are studying that shots system to
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identify areas and households with the highest concentration of gunfire. they are using sensor to call police and that information can be used to identify households where shots are identified often. well the pharmacy is connected to that meningitis outbreak and just announced a voluntary recall. they are approvingsterrization --sterrization process and it could lead to medications running out. they have the same compounding sent terms and the injectable steroids are connected to more than 300 cases of steroids next
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wide. >> this year still a creative array of costumes. the crowds were smaller than usual and police did not report any serious problems this year. the creepy part of town, the only thing, as the neighborhood is bringing hundreds of trick or treaters including sports fans. kids can take their candy to the dental center in san jose and they can trade it in for toys and the trade in starts at 230 this afternoon. sal is in his empire and i
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know you want everybody to drive and the roads are going to be wet, northbound 280 looks good got as up into the bay and also 680 south, it has been a decent drive heading south. this system is raining up in blue canyon and it is raining with a very warm system and it is almost 40 degrees and for us upper 50s and it is on the high for most days sir. and now bart may have a possible some using to a very
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public problem and we will tell you why they are directing headed into family danger zone and why they are healthy.
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. good morning, welcome to a brand-new month, it is
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thursday. >> thank you for joining us. it is four hours. i had anaplast night. >> i am trying to give her coffee. >> i woke up to the sound of raindrops. >> and for midnight, north bay it definitely sat there and it is slowly moving east and south and it is tapering off and cloud cover will still be with us, highs in the 60s. here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along well, better days than yesterday, although it is wet on the roads. this morning looks good on the morning news south. >> a car hit two small children in across walk where they trick or treated. here is more on what happened just before that car hit those children, claudine? >> reporter: dave, we should
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tell you they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. this is santa rosa and this is the crosswalk where everything happened. according to the adults, they were trying to get to this side. they saw a car coming from the southbound direction. they saw the car push past them and that's when they were hit by the vehicle. you can see rain coming down although rain was all over the street in the wake of what happened. now police say they did talk to the driver and the driver did stop and he the cooperating with police. they do not believe alcohol or drugs played a factor and police are asking anybody who
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might have seen anything or who was out here. investigators are investigating a face fatal accident in south santa rosa. a driver was killed after crashing into a ditch at 7:30 last night. the name of the driver has not been released and authorities are not sure what caused the -- caused the crash. people on the east road are beginning the wake of the storm in new jersey. new york airports are open again, limited subway service is limited and open. many have been forced to bike or walk into manhattan. fees will not be a available.
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it is still a mess and the new jersey shore may never be repaired. we will have a live report on new jersey daunting road to recovery starting at 5:45. this morning red cross volunteers are heading east to help the many form volunteers good morning and we just met, he is waiting for a flight and after that he will drive into new york to help and he is one of three volunteers leaving to head to the coast and so farther providing help. here are some pictures taken by one of those people volunteering at a shelter in
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delaware with a widespread power outage and many have sought refuge at this shelter run by the red cross and this man is anxious to get there. >> they are working at the shelter, and we are trying to make sure people get their basic needs met and in our shelters we have disaster services help, we have a nurse and we have mental health. >> they are asking people to donate blood, hundreds of blood drives throughout the east coast was canceled because of that blood. donations are up 2 5% and they are still asking for more
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blood, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the bad smell on downtown escalators in san francisco. they want to set up enclosures to keep out the rain, the wind and they want to keep out the problems on some of those escalators. some problems became so bad they had to call in the hazmat team no word on what when it will become a reality time. >> they are proposing benefits and what nurses are calling a reduction in patient care stand crab kids. san leandro hospital, subtle delta in antioch and subtle salon know in vallejo,
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replacement nurses have been hired. they are looking for suspects in a double shooting near the parade for the san francisco giants. it happened just before 3:00 in the afternoon. one man was injured when he was shot by a head, those bill its do not appear to be connected to the giant's celebration. they are headed downtown for the big giants' world parade [applauds] >> now that is a trophy. there is manager bruce bochy bringing out the trophy right in front of city hall. mayor ed lee was there with the key to the city and that special broom, they swept the detroit tigers. one by one they came out and thanked the fans for all of
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their support. >> we are wearing energy and excitement and what you bring in for the giants day in and day out, thank you. >> i left my heart... >> the two hour ceremony ended with the great tony bennett singing, i left my heart in san francisco sisterco. and earl they are -- san francisco. tim lincecum had 3,000 pounds of tape and the players came out in classic convertibles. they looked sharp too. now you can see even more video from the giant victory parade celebration including some of
5:38 am
the interviews with the players we had for you and look for them on the front page. >> quite a few people were sick, couldn't get into get to work. well we want to talk about the wet roads, it is not raining but still wet from what happened overnight. southbound looks good into southern marin and into san francisco. at the bay bridge, it looks like it is drying off with no major problems getting on to the bridge. we had a crash at north livermore avenue and traffic is off to a bad start. and it does look goodbye the time you reach dublin. we still have a cloudy morning.
5:39 am
56 to 39 degrees with 38 in it how. we are reporting about an inch and a half. clearing tonight and we will have that fog forming tomorrow not enough of a breeze to scour things out. it is sliding south very slowly. go to the north bay, it hardly shows anythingest and watch how it wipes it out and it shows clearing, from will be some clouds around and it will not be 60s near 70s in san jose and our system is stalling along and when you see them topple over it weakens it. it has a good punch in the
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north bay. mostly cloudy, we will take any rain we can get. mild temperatures and afternoon highs as well. we'll see 60s to near 70 degrees. 64 to 68, and fog will be with us, that is inland fog and we set our clocks back and it will be warmer sunday and monday. they are changing the way they prosecute several immigrants, immigrants may avoid being deported. and shooting near a major tourist attraction and on the unc campus. also we want to take you live to report, it will be a long road until they recover from the hurricane. good morning, traffic is on
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. all right, steve, welcome back, good morning to you, heap is a look at some of the top stories at 543, we have rain this morning, driving will be tough, look at that, flooded. you can hydroplain through that, make sure you give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go. a man was shot and killed at a cell phone store.
5:44 am
the investigation is underway and the man said the victim was his father who owned that store. they are questioning a driver who hit two small children as they were out trick or treating for halloween. the 10-year-old girl and four- year-old boy are expected to survive but it is not clear on whether the driver will face charges. four people were rushed to the hospital after a shooting on the usc campus. one of the victims is in critical condition. the two men got into an argument. police have two suspects in custody and no students were hurt. people were shot after a celebration in hollywood. they opened fire on a large crowd on hollywood boulevard right near the hollywood walk of fame. a 17-year-old is critically
5:45 am
wounded. police but at least 35 people into custody after that shooting. and a stabbing in the tenderloin district. it happened on mcalester and market. police say there was a fight between two groups of people and two men were stabbed. police arrested a 21-year-old woman and they are still looking for more suspects. and lines for gasoline are very large. thousands of people are still stranded in places like hoboken and the jersey shore will never be the same again. we have huge booms of water and it's a small community
5:46 am
further down from the coast just devastated like much of the jersey shore and several homes are not inhibitable because this bulkhead could not withstand sandy and when it went so did the rest of the beach. they can file for federal assistance but everybody knows when you look at damage like this, it is the first step to recovery. >> reporter: the state has 127 miles of atlantic shoreline, most of it now left in shambles. >> it caused a lot of devastation. a lot of people are out of work, there is going to be a lot of work but it was bad, real bad. >> reporter: president barack obama has assured the state of the government's continued support. >> what i can promise is the federal government will be
5:47 am
working as closely with the state and officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> reporter: they are fueling the $35 billion boardwalk and the widespread damage is creating a tripling blow to the state. >> everything is gone all the rides are torn down, everything. >> the damage is minor compared to the things that are irreplaceable. >> look to your right and to your left, your son, your wife, your daughter, those are things that can't be replaced. >> the national guard is here and public works officials have come to remove debris. >> reporter: there are areas where people are in radical situations and one of those places is hoboken where thousands remain trended because of the -- stranded because of the water but the mayor said they need more
5:48 am
supplies. the district county is changing the way they prosecute some crimes. the new guidelines will allow illegal immigrants to stay in the area. the guidelines would only apply to cases of minor crimes such as petty theft and minor drug convictions. sergio ramos parade a tire and the statement he made had some immigrant raised a very case applauding. the roads are wet and you are watching highway 24, sal? >> that's right, it is going to be wet all over the place westbound 24, we have a little bit of slow traffic. you will see more on 680 nearby and it's still there in the
5:49 am
commute and metering lights are not on. livermore we had an accident at north livermore and things are starting off the wrong way and if you are getting off the freeway from dublin for some reason that freeway has slowed down because people are stuck behind that crash and we have traffic to fremont which looks okay. getting into santa clara, it is a nice looking start to this commute and 101 is looking good into that west valley. let's go to steve. we have some running through. mostly cloudy and sun and clouds will being late forming. it did most of the damage in the north bay and after that, it is weakening rapidly and
5:50 am
some of the rain totals, i did say an inch and a half towards the rushing rich. petaluma a hatch inch, oakland 4.0. i saw a third of an inch. palo alto over to concord about 2 / 10th. there is not much left of this system as it continues to move out of the area and it is leaving behind some mild conditions. even low 60s and it is continuing to give coverage as it gives some light rain and occasionally we will have some bursts of moderate. mostly cloudy and morning rain gives way to mild temperatures and we will end up with temperatures in the 60s. fog will be back nights and mornings and the days look sunny and warm as we go to the
5:51 am
first weekend in november but we do setback the clocks in november. we have two jobs related. weekend jobless claims that number indicates highs and private sector jobs were created in october with most of those new jobs and the government releases its report for october tomorrow. toys-r-us, they are offering a new way to pay, shoppers can printout the e- mail confirming their order, bring it into the store pay with cash or check. payments can be made with placing an order and an item cannot be picked up and can be shipped with any online order. and a committee in the parliament wants to know more about the tax practices of
5:52 am
google. all three companies have significant sales tax. google has been criticized for routeing that through an irish subject sid rather -- subject sid rather. . >> that giants victory parade also spent tons of money adding up the dollars this morning. >> i opened my eyes under water and punched the shark on the side of his head. bitten by a shark who almost died off the coast of eureka.
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. the best surfers from all over the world will compete, and also new this year, extra bleaches are out on the cliff and they have a camera hooked high on the wire providing a
5:56 am
birds' eye view and it may begin as early as 10:15. >> he said he punched the shark in the head until he let him go. he spoke about the attack and he says a young great white came from underneath him, grabbed his side and pulled him under water. he punched the shark until it released him and despite the idea he will be back in the ocean. >> it is part of surfing and it is in no way going to keep me from surfing again. >> he did suffer a 14-inch bite wound and no vital organs were damaged. he wore a shirt that read, i just look illegal and while he did not talk about it, he welcomed them in the area.
5:57 am
the maker of the shirt said online orders are flooding in and they are putting customers on a waiting list. they are putting out a lot of money and the mayor's office said the first two games generated about $18 million in tourism. the city is paying for public safety and for clean up and for transportation and we still don't have estimates for that. >> but it was quite a celebration. worth the cost. sal has traffic now. >> we are just showing you a few pictures and we have traffic in the silicone valley. 580 through livermore is not doing well again and we will
5:58 am
have another bad day on that and more on the rest of the commute is coming up. the local effort to help those victims of that super storm san day >> plus an early morning crash is affecting power in one east bay neighborhood, hear why police arrested the driver. well for some. it will end soon? i will have your forecast coming right up. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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so i had to look the part. t.j.maxx is such a great place cause i know when i go in there, i'm gonna score. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.

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